Increase the right web traffic and boost your income through purpose content marketing.

  • Do your web pages languish in the wilderness of the Web?
  • Are they found only at the bottom of search results?
  • Would you like to be a reference point on the Web?

Imagine your potential clients searching the web. Just after their first search, your pages appear among the top results. After clicking, they read on and stay. Then they buy your products and services. Afterwards, they share your content via social networks.

You can achieve this too, through purpose content marketing.

Especially because there are really one or two websites in any given market that are using content marketing with purpose effectively or at all.

Also, most web designers don’t have a business mindset. Their designs may stand out, but they don’t bring you more traffic. They don’t think in terms of marketing and conversion.

Korisni sadržaj povećava promet web stranica
If you don't manage to capture their attention, your users will leave in 2-3 seconds.
Useful content sticks out and brings in money.

Our educational portal FlashExplained has received more than 3 million visits in just a few years. It still ranks as #1 for numerous searches related to Flash, among millions of results.

The articles were linked to by leading industry portals and websites, such as SmashingMagazine and SixRevisions, as well as universities and IT schools. Business opportunities skyrocketed. Thanks to huge traffic, we could also live off of ads displayed on our pages only.

We can help you achieve similar results through content marketing with purpose.

In 2008, we launched VirtuosoSite, offering web design services for classical musicians. A decade later, it still appears on 1st page of Google for related searches. Why? Because the competition is sitting around clueless. Not using the leverage of content marketing with purpose.

How can you achieve this?

  • By rebuilding your website around useful content that targets your ideal client.
  • With articles that will make your niche audience drool.
  • In doing so, you will become the authority in your niche and other websites will naturally link to yours. And that will increase your search engine rankings even further.
VirtuosoSite ranks well for its niche, thanks to content marketing.
While surfing the Web, people don't read, they scan!

Is purpose content marketing the right solution for you?

Not if you are a manager or CEO of a large corporation with hundreds of employees.

If you own a small or medium-sized business or are an independent professional, this is the right solution for you.

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